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                              ROSIN PENTAERYTHRITE RESIN
                              Product Picture
                               ROSIN PENTAERYTHRITE RESIN

                               Brief Intro 
                              ROSIN PENTAERYTHRITE RESIN are irregular transparent solid made from gum rosin esterified by pentaerythrite.

                              Soluble in coal tar, esters and turpentine; soluble in alcoholic solvents; partially soluble in petroleum solvents; mixed well with vegetable oils. Light color, good resistance to yellowing, good heat stability and high adhesion.

                               Solution Performance 
                              It dissolves in aromatic, aliphatic ester, and keto solvent.

                               Mix-solution Performance 
                              It can mix with EVA, SIS, NR, CR, SBR wax and other petroleum high polymers and melt into transparent matter.

                               Recommendatory Usage 
                              Hot-melt adhesive base on EVA. Press-sensitive adhesive based on SIS or SBS. Adhesive, emulsifier and paint that are mixed and dissolved with NR and CR.

                              25kg in paper-plastic composite bag.

                              dry and cool storage; avoid oxidants in transport.

                               Technical Specifications 

                              Product Color(Gardner)
                              (50%Benzene Solution)
                              Acid Number
                              Softening Point
                              MP-955 2-4 12-20 93-98℃
                              MP-955L 1-2 12-20 93-98℃
                              MP-100 2-4 8-16 98-103℃
                              MP-100L 1-2 8-16 98-103℃
                              MP-110 2-4 12-20 108-113℃
                              145 4-7 18-25 98-103℃

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