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    Water - soluble acrylic acid modified alkyd resin
    Product Picture
    Water - soluble acrylic acid modified alkyd resin


    I, Type: JIXIN®WLR-6600 is Water - soluble acrylic acid modified alkyd resin.
    II, Specification:

    Item# WLR-6600
    Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
    Solid content: 50±2%
    Solvent: PnB, water
    Viscosity(Coating4#): 180~240s
    Color(Gardner): ≤8
    PH Value: 7.5~8.5
    Acid value,mgKOH/g: 40~60

    III, Feature:
        WLR-6600 is a core-shell structure acrylic modified water-based alkyd resin, with excellent water solubility, low VOC, low viscosity, high clarity and so on. The single-component water-based paint made of this resin is environmentally friendly, with quick drying, high gloss, high hardness, good adhesion, nice pigment dispersion wettability and the film has self-defoaming ability, Anti-aging, weatherability & good color retention.
    IV, Application:
        Waterborne self-drying one-component industrial coatings
    V, Package:
    VI, Solubility:
    Benzenes:        insoluble
    Alcohols:           soluble
    Glycol Ethers:   soluble
    Esters:               partial soluble
    White spirits:    insoluble
    VII, Notice:
    1, Storage at shade place, stay away from fire.
    2, Avoid to mix with Spontaneous combustion, strong oxidizing agent, acid and alkali
    3, Life time: 180 days in normal temperature, suggest to us in 90 days after received if over 90days need to retest all specification before using.
    4, Read the safety specification before transport, storage & using.

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